This is my stroke page. It's for people, like me, who have survived a stroke..

Strike me beautiful! The Butterfly is the symbol (of hope) for survivors of a stroke  (also known as a "brain attack")

Strike me dumbstruck! After suffering a stroke on 17 January 2001, I had to learn a whole lot of things all over again. For instance I'd forgotten completely how to use a computer. At rehab it came back a bit at a time. At CRS Australia, who helped me with getting ready to work again, I did an Internet design course and this is the result. I have not only learned to design a site but also how to find web features for my site, how to register a domain, and upload a site with FTP. I'm not yet fully ready to return to the world, but compared to what I was I'm about a million times better. Strike me speechless! I can't say that what I have done here will be of much use to anyone else but it makes me feel good.

Before                                          After                                      On the mend
Super Hero
Strike Me Lucky

Mothers Day

Bulldog Pete

Strike Me Shocked!

at new Bulldog signing for 2010.

How can they afford me under the salary cap?