I have lived a very eventful life, but have slowed down a bit lately, following a stroke 15 years ago. However, I'm not dead, and I am just gathering my resources for the next stage in what will continue to be a most interesting life.

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 I am 68 years old, married, with 3 adult children, (Danielle, Kathleen and Patrick), 3 grandchildren (Mali, Luana and Max) and I now live Shellharbour in the workers paradise known as the Illawarra. I previously lived in Canberra, the national capital of Australia for over 20 years. I have lived a very eventful life, but have slowed down a bit lately; following a stroke 18 years ago (is it that long ago?). However, I am not dead, and I am just gathering my resources for the next stage in what will continue to be a most interesting life. I was born in Gulargambone, raised in Bankstown and have lived in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Werris Creek and the Blue Mountains. I am a recidivist old time political rat bag, a communist without a Party. After an early sheltered life in the catholic education system I left school at 15 and met my first non-catholic friend when I was 18; Got into trouble with the law when I was 19; and resisted the Draft for the Vietnam War when I was 20. My first daughter was born when I was 21 and I became a trade union organiser when I was 23. I made my own Long March of 10,000km to protest against US war bases in North West Cape, Russian social imperialism in London, racist Springboks in Sydney, uranium mines in Darwin and Joh Bjelke Petersen in Brisbane. I was in Beijing when Chou En Lai died and I was in Moscow when Brezhnev kicked the bucket. I have climbed the Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, the Empire State Building, and the Eiffel Tower. I have been down the deepest coal mine in Asia and ridden the hook of a crane atop the (then) highest building in Australia. I have been to New York, Hanoi, London, Paris, and Tokyo and lived in the slums of Redfern and Fitzroy. I got married at 34, lost my Dad at 44, and first wrote this polemic at 54. Will you still need me, will you still please me - when I'm 68?

I am an ethnomusicologist and writer of wrongs, correspondent and general literae scriptae and a loyal member of the Australian Journalists Association (now the MEAA) I have been a general dogsbody, landscape gardener, labourer, industrial officer, political adviser, and training director. I have mustered sheep at Bogan Gate, harvested wheat at Merrywinebone, planted gardens on the Katoomba Railway, and worked on the railways at Werris Creek. I have watched as tweedle dee and tweedle dum have taken turns to govern my country. I have seen presidents from Kennedy to Obama come and go. I have been present at minor earthquakes in LA and Katoomba, travelled down Route 66 and have seen too many good people lose their way. Now as I approach middle age, I want to share some of my experiences. Are you ready for the journey?

To be continued …



"God made a few perfect heads

and on the rest he/she put hair"

Abiding interests:

Books (are my friends)

 Elon Musk

The Beatles

 Jacinda Ardern

Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs

Music (almost any kind but mostly eclectic*)
I also like:
The Phantom
Anything nautical (boats, the sea, pirates)

Hobbies :
Graphic Design

IT and computers


Folk Music

and the IWW



with George Mann, from New York state an amazing performer of union songs and a regular visitor to the Illawarra


 Hero's :

Woody Guthrie
Ned Kelly

Ho Chi Minh

Elon Musk

Jacinda Adern



Neil Young
Fisher Z
Paul Simon
Skeeter Davis
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Nancy Sinatra
and of course The Beatles


Little Big Man
Children of the Revolution (I'm in it!)

Breaker Morant

The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer


  • Hornblower 
  • Poldark
  • Jack Irish
  • SeaChange
  • Rejseholdet (Unit One)
  • Justified
  • Rake
  • Spiral
  • Game of Thrones
  • Parks and Recreation

  1. David Wenham
  2. Cate Blanchett 
  3. John Travolta                                                                                  
  4. Timothy Olyphant
  5. Bryan Brown
  6. Adam Driver


Blue, Black with green

Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources